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We are Spa on the Go

Carina and Claudia have created Spa on the Go, a company that offers beauty treatments and massages at home. They met when they provided their beauty and massage services to the 5* Hotels of Barcelona, Hotel Abac, Hotel Arts, Hotel Miramar Barcelona, Gran Hotel la Florida, Soho House… and have wanted to merge to offer exclusive experiences of beauty and well-being without leaving home.

Spa on the go brings you a spa experience in your favorite corner of home, in the garden, on the terrace and at any time of your daily life, weekends, holidays… alone or alone, in the company of a friend, at private parties with your most loved ones… Spa on the go adapts to your needs. It all starts with a deep breath, a pause, an intimate moment of connection with the present moment: with your mind and with your body, this is our essence. 

At Spa on the Go we have a way to connect with you by offering you experiences that combine our exquisite care with the power of touch. Touch is the most powerful tool, we know that its results are exceptional and that is why we recommend you to experiment and enjoy our exclusive treatments where we will always take into account your needs because each person is unique. We recreate a Spa environment in your space offering you immersive experiences through our way of connecting with you… the art of massage through expert hands. 

Our team of professionals are masters in the art of touch, experts in working with our hands: body massages to recover or relax muscles, massages to activate circulation, massages to drain the lymphatic system, facial remodelling massages. And we also encourage you to discover our rituals, which induce relaxation, that make energy flow and achieve absolute well-being, at the location of your choice.